I haven’t lead a perfectly-lived life. I’ve made mistakes in every area of my life and have had many unique experiences. At the age of 30, I have already experienced marriage and divorce/separation (both as a child and an adult); the birth of my children and the death of a parent; being fired and starting businesses; childhood trauma, violence and aggression, living with and caring for a terminally ill loved one, and more. And most of these experiences were had before the age of 25. 

What largely qualifies me as a life coach, is that I’ve lived and have extrapolated essential life-lessons from these experiences that I now pass on to others.

Throughout my life I’ve found myself with various titles; student & mentor, son & dad, unemployed & business owner, stay-at-home dad & weekend dad, Buddhist & soldier. Of all the things I’ve been and of all the roles I have to assume at any given time, the one that stays consistent to all contexts and scenarios and the only one in which I seek a personal identity in is Man. And this is why I specialize in working with men. Because whoever and whatever else they may have to be in their lives, what underpins it all is what they are ‘made of’ as men.

I’ve been ‘reading’ people from around the age of five; asking myself why people do the things they do, trying to make sense of some of the behaviours I was exposed to. By the time I had reached my late teens, I couldn’t help but notice a distinct pattern of people opening up to me and sharing their problems. I later found myself offering alternative perspectives which would then guide them to making various positive changes.

Through my work as a personal trainer and particularly as a self-defence instructor, I found myself coaching my clients through other areas of their lives. I came to realize that more often than not, the man who has the goal of getting physically stronger/fitter or wanting to pursue the martial arts will have a deeper more meaningful reason to seek personal development – often unknowingly.

I attended my first Tony Robbins 4 day event in New York in 2007 – the material resonated with me and the way I operate as a person and I have been learning/using it ever since. What was at first recreational learning became formal study of the Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention material. 
And with this and other methods, what was at first just for my personal development, became a method to help people become the type of person they want to be.