Don't Run From Sadness

I wrote the below in a moment of creativity. Hence the poetic quality. But it is actually very real advice for men who are saddened by a separation. It's under the header of a Physical Mastery blog because it offers a breathing visualization exercise.

A skillful man thinks of sadness as a woman - a feminine entity - who wants to be with him. He knows he cannot turn her down or reject her. He instead surrenders and joins her.

Embrace your sadness. 

Inhale, stoke the fires of that ache in your belly and chest, expand it and feel it more.

Exhale, and feel your body judder as you let it go.

Do not clench to escape the weakness and shaking in your legs and hands. Breathe in, relax and make them tremble more. 

Do not stiffen your legs, do not bunch your fist, tense your belly or clamp shut your jaw.

Do not numb with chemicals, do not distract with entertainment, do not try to replace the one you lost.

Do not run from sadness – she will catch you.

Do not hide from sadness – she will find you.

Do not press her down – she will grow stronger in the shadows, and come back tenfold when you least expect her.

Sit with her. 

Be as a Viking, sitting cross-legged on the soil, in the downpour of a storm. No shelter, no blanket, no complaint, no masochism, no martyrdom, no cry for help.

Be alone with the cold and discomfort… until it passes.

Have one single aim; to feel it all, until there is no more to feel. 


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