Fuck Your Life.

How you approach women and sex - the feminine - in your life, is how you want to approach your life itself. More specifically, if you are a man with a masculine essence, you will want to approach life and women in the same way. 

Raquel and I have an agreement where we hold each other accountable for certain things, to ensure that we are not slacking in important areas of our lives or the relationship itself. In one of our check-ins, I asked her what her thoughts and feelings were towards a major long-term project I have been working on. In her uniquely soft but firm style, she put it to me straight that she felt that I had not been making real progress lately and instead had just been pissing about. I had done all the preparation that was needed -  It was time to dive in and actually do the thing. 

And she was right. I had been setting the groundwork and making little bits of progress here and there and feeling good about that, but really, I'd been playing it safe (guys, women know when you're not living to your fullest potential, and much of the time when she displays upset with you, it's exactly because of this!)

The way she put it to me gave me a vision there and then (and I knew I'd be blogging about it). She pointed out that I'd been just tweaking parts of my strategy, fiddling with my website and stroking my pride with tiny bits of progress here and there.

Tweaking? Fiddling? Stroking? 

I was engaged in foreplay with my project. And had been for entirely too long. It was time to fuck it. The project itself was calling out for it, and Raquel's feminine essence had heard its call more clearly than I had.

It's important to make preparations for things. In the army reserves we had the phrase "Proper planning and preparation prevents piss-poor performance" drilled into us. It's also completely natural to be scared prior to initiating a massive action that will involve lots of change in your life. 

And with sex, foreplay is absolutely essential for it to occur. A feminine being simply will not open to you - emotionally, physically, spiritually - without you as the masculine partner consciously opening her. Even in 'quicky' sex or sex that seems very sudden and unplanned, the turning-on process has been taking place. Whether through eye contact, flirting, sexting or even just thinking about each other... trust me, she's letting you in only because she has been opened.

And also with sex, just as in life, it is not unusual to be scared, to feel uncertain before taking things to the next level. Yes... even for men! Thought you were the only one? Think again. You know that situation - most likely with a new partner - where you want to be with her, you are with her, foreplay is happening... but downstairs nothing is happening for you. Your nerves get in the way. 

This has been a very familiar situation for me. And I was there again, but this time with my life. I was playing, preparing, and totally enjoying... but my fear of diving in had left me flaccid and feeling like I couldn't go any further.

But just as with sex, this is an erroneous perspective.

You see, once opened, yes she does want to be taken. To be fucked. And she wants this from you because she knows that you can. The reason many men find themselves in this situation where everything is going right but things just aren't happening in the pants department, is the unnecessary pressure they put on themselves to perform, to get it right. They have made sex a process of impressing, pleasing and doing something for her only. They have lost the feeling of their own enjoyment, of relaxing into their masculine and taking what they want. That's what 'being taken' means... YOU taking what you want, with an open heart and in so doing you are giving to her.

And with your life then, your projects, your mission... it has called out to you and you are engaged in 'foreplay' with it because you want it and it wants you. If your desire to pursue this has come from your heart and not just a detached idea from your head, then you were made for each other. So you can relax; relax into the task at hand, relax into your masculine desire to take, ravish and open. This thing that you want to pursue, it has walked into your life like a radiant woman and she has noticed you. She's given you that look... you know the one. The green light. The butterflies are there in the stomach for sure. But you can relax into enjoying that feeling too.

Let the tingly feelings of fear that come from your head float down and meet with the heavy feelings of desire that you let rise up from your gut and your balls. Let them meet in the middle, where your heart is and mix those feelings together... then take action. Dive in. Take what you really want. Forget the fear and fuck your life!

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