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As a young pup, this feels like it's about not letting the she-wolf tame you.

But as a grown wolf, you learn that the battle is internal and nothing to do with her directly.

It's your responsibility to not let yourself feel trapped, enmeshed, owned, tamed, castrated. 

How? Here's the secret formula...

27th January Workshop with Sharif & Andrea

27th January Workshop with Sharif & Andrea

How many times in your life have you felt truly seen?

To be ‘seen’ means to feel that you have been heard, listened to, and deeply understood.

What if, the secret to feeling seen more often, lies not in other people’s ability to see us, but in our ability to let ourselves be seen and to see ourselves?

Talk on the Anatomy of Arousal | LONDON NOV 15TH


These are the parts of the 'anatomy' I'll be speaking about on the 15th of Nov.

And my partner in crime Andrea Balboni will have her own body parts she'll be sharing her deep wisdom on.

Your spine is like a snake that lives inside your body. It can move in so many ways - ways in which, if you're like 99% of the world - are not fully exploring. These different ways of moving elicit different feelings - feelings you probably don't experience often.

Your hips are the seat for your physical centre, and your 'gut-brain'. Like the spine (and of course physically 'related' to your spine) they are able to move in multiple ways that most people (especially us 'Western' folk) are unable feel into. Not because we inherently can't, but because our cultural conditioning hasn't facilitated it. But like with most things, we can train ourselves in this area.

Your heart is more than just an organ that pumps blood around your body. It is capable of sending and receiving. It can transmit energy to someone else, and it can act as a sense-organ for feeling into another. We often disconnect from our heart, because it's also where we feel our greatest pain. Disconnecting from the heart in sex and intimacy, however, can be incredibly harmful to both parties. Conversely, it's heart-connection that makes for life-changing intimate encounters.

The practices I'll be covering in this talk have up until now only been something I share in my private coaching. And I'm not really a 'sexuality coach' (at least in my 'branding').

So it feels a bit strange. Esp considering that my path into working with the body on this level was through self-defence and martial arts.

The spine and hips, in particular, I dove into as a subject because I wanted to master the bio-mechanics of punching!

Literally, I wanted to teach smaller people how to generate enough force to knock out a larger and stronger opponent. So with some inspiration from my mentor in unarmed combat, which coincided with my studying for my Level 3 in Anatomy and Physiology, I went deep into working with my own body.

And now here I am several years later giving a talk alongside a Sex Coach for a company that also hosts sex parties for the 'elite'. 

I've stopped asking the universe why it wants me to go down certain paths. I just say yes!

Hope to see you there!

Help! I Don't Find Her Attractive Anymore!

Help! I Don't Find Her Attractive Anymore!

In interviewing men and couples, I've come to learn that perhaps the single biggest complaint men have in relationship is losing attraction to their woman.

Their stories almost always follow the same pattern; they found their partner attractive at first, then over time there was a gradual decrease is sex, attraction and passion OR there was a major event such has having a child or a major upset that killed off the sex, attraction and passion is one foul swoop. 

The key difference though, is the perspective the man takes on who's fault it is...

The Relationship MYTH You Must Forget Now

The Relationship MYTH You Must Forget Now

I was with friends recently when the subject of 'the honeymoon period' came up. It quickly became apparent to me that people seem to have a rigid belief that all long-term relationships have this point at which, inevitably, things start to go south. 

Curious, I asked around to see what people consider to be signs that the honeymoon period - that joyful, exciting phase at the very beginning of a relationship - is over.

Here's what came back to me...