Discover the Secrets to Mastering the Most Challenging and Rewarding Area of Life: Your Intimate Relationship


  • Does it often feel impossible to keep your woman happy for any decent period of time?
  • Are you unable to open her up into the radiant being she was in the beginning?
  • Do you feel like all your positive qualities go unnoticed and un-praised?
  • Do you often feel criticized and have your shortcomings given more attention than your strengths?
  • Do your attempts to communicate feelings with each other almost always end in failure?
  • Are you losing your temper and find yourself snapping at your partner?
  • Are you thinking about leaving?

I felt all of these things and had a lot more insecurities and resentments too. And I took them with me from one relationship to the next. 

The journey of learning to really understand women and relationships started over ten years ago at my first Tony Robbins personal development seminar. I'd just come out of a toxic relationship where I'd discovered my girlfriend had been cheating on me extensively. And my mum had just died a few weeks before this discovery! 

I was a mess. I felt clueless, incapable and empty as a man. 

During a break, Tony played a three-minute promo clip advertising his relationship course and I swear from that ONE little clip I had the most amazing light-bulb moment that was the highlight for me in the entire four-day event. I instantly had my first glimpse at understanding one of the most fundamental principles in intimacy. 

And ever since I've dedicated myself to understanding, mastering and practising it.

Did I become a master of relationship right away? 

Hell no!

I studied like crazy, interviewed countless people, started to actually help my friends with their relationship issues and most importantly, tested these principles in my own relationships before actually becoming a professional coach for men and couples.

And ten years later, as I find myself in the most amazing relationship not only me and my girl have ever had, but have ever even seen amongst our friends and family, I'm now in the position to educate my fellow men, just like you.

I see failing relationships all around me and see the unhappiness of both partners, but I particularly feel the man's pain because I was once there myself AND because my own path to relationship mastery is and always will be on-going.

I can proudly say that I feel like more of a man through mastering this area of life than ever before; more than my achievements in the martial arts or the military or my career.

Let me tell you that NOTHING will reassure you that you are winning in life as a man than the moment when your girl looks at you with pure admiration, love and respect in her eyes. When you know that you're her hero, when you can make her giddy with femininity even in the face of upset and feel her dedication to you and only you, that feeling will trump any other kind of victory in your life.

Other people see you as a couple and from the passion and love that you emit, they too reflect back to you the work you've put in and it feels amazing.

I want you to feel the way I so often do in my relationship. I genuinely want your woman to experience happiness from you and your relationship like she never has before. Because when I see couples who are doing well, who KNOW what they are doing, it lights me up and fulfils me immensely because I know how much skill and dedication it takes to create that.

It is NOT luck, trust me!

Because I can only coach so many people per week, I started writing a book to reach out to as many men as possible so that I can help more people like you. And because I'm so excited as it draws near to completion, I couldn't wait to put up this 'coming soon' page.

So if you'd like to be among the men who's entire lives have turned around by mastering their relationship, you can enter you email address now in the form below and you'll be emailed AS SOON AS IT'S READY! 

Who Is This Book For?

  • Men who are in a relationship that has lost its passion or hit a particular problem that threatens to end it
  • Men who are in a good, steady relationship but want to take it to the next level and take it deeper
  • Men who are dedicated to becoming the strongest version of themselves in their core and live their life from this place
  • Men who are wanting a REAL way to step into their masculine and be seen for the man they really are
  • Men who want to serve the people in their lives in a way that draws their respect and trust in them
  • Single men who want to attract a better 'quality' of woman into their lives than they have so far (here's a secret to 'Pick-up' that you'll rarely hear: when you REALLY develop the qualities in yourself as a man that all feminine women are looking for in a 'long term' partner, you become attractive on the deepest level so you can forget all of those PUA tricks, tactics and techniques)


What You Will Learn From This Book:

  • Understanding the nature of the feminine - end the confusion of why she is the way she is and understand what she really wants and needs
  • How to use relationship as THE ULTIMATE platform for your personal growth
  • Samurai principles that cross over from mastering war to mastering love
  • Simple yet profound exercises that that will have as instant positive effect on your relationship 
  • Disciplines and boundaries to live by that will stop you or your relationship going 'crazy' 
  • Daily personal practices that will strengthen you on the level of your masculinity
  • Techniques for getting out of your head and into your body to create instant and intense presence that all feminine woman respond deeply to
  • Principles of relationship that once understood will allow you to navigate any upset that may occur 
  • How to become more attractive to your partner than you were even in the beginning of your relationship 


Enter your email address now and I'll let you know the moment the book becomes available!