A Unique Approach 

As a coach, I enter into a completely resourceful state when working with clients. This means I’ll do whatever it takes to get to the root of someone’s challenges and select, find or create a solution. 
How, where and when I work with clients depends entirely on their personal needs, learning style and the situation itself. The setting and style of work will likely vary with the one client. We may on one occasion be talking in a quiet therapeutic setting and the next time be in a gym or a busy, crowded place.

A man's masculinity has to be found in and accessed through the body, and so a lot of the work I do goes beyond just learning ideas and concepts. Becoming a better man won't happen through just talking about it; you have to do what the male body does. 

Through my work as a personal trainer and gym manager, I have seen countless people change their lives in general through changing their bodies. 

Sometimes people’s goals primarily revolve around their physical appearance. Working on this level as well as addressing the fundamental self-love issues can change lives forever. It's largely through transforming people's bodies that I came to my passion for transforming characters.

When building a picture in my mind of where somebody is at in their lives, often what gives so much away to me is what I can see in their body – their posture and movement patterns specifically. It is well understood that we can change our psychology by first changing our physiology and this is how I can very often make people feel differently about themselves by making simple physical adjustments there and then.

I’ll sometimes utilize gyms when working with a client even if the area we're working on isn't physical – not to get them stronger there, but to show them how strong they already are. I coach them in one of the primary barbell lifts, then through tapping into their potential allow them to witness just how much weight they can move when they use the power of the mind. The effects can be profound. 

Violence is a powerful force that has shaped history and been fundamental in the creation of civilization. As such, it resonates with all men on an instinctive level. Its power is immediately understood and often revered by men. 

The vast majority of men who have come to me over the years for training in self-defence in order to “learn a new martial art” or because they felt they “should know how to defend themselves” were on a very real level simply wanting to learn how to be men and recognised – unconsciously perhaps - that becoming physically capable in this area would unlock an essential part of their masculinity. 

Using techniques from my martial arts background and often delivering it in a way that is inspired by my military training, I help men get in touch with a part of themselves they often never knew was there or were actively repressing. Most noticeable is how men's sex lives improve after tapping into this aspect of their masculinity!  

Being capable of violence doesn’t mean becoming violent. And accessing vulnerability is made easier when we have confidence in our ability to protect ourselves on the most primal level.

As an RMT (Robbins-Madanes Training) student, I utilize my understanding of certain psychological concepts to understand people’s positive and negative motivations and help create new ones. 

The training involves aspects of Ericksonian therapy, strategic family therapy, human needs psychology, neurolinguistics, psychology of influence, strategic studies, game theory, and others. The term “Strategic Intervention” was coined by Anthony Robbins and Cloe Madanes to describe their change work. 

I use the RMT strategies particularly when working with couples. [Click here for more info]

I don’t take on the ‘yogi’ persona that many life-coaches do but I have been involved in several ‘Eastern’ practices since my teens that I used to transform my own life at one point. I now use my understanding of these more esoteric practices which I have boiled down to pure functionality - with no yogi frills – to create deep changes in people. 

I work a lot with the physical body as a means to access parts of the mind, with the nervous system being a kind of middle-man between the two. As such, I’ll use select techniques from bioenergetics, chi kung, tantra, plus Zen and Tibetan Buddhism. 

I have selected these techniques not as an excuse to have some ‘spiritual’ stuff to work with, but because I know they work. 


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