Embodiment is a process and practice of living more from the feeling/intuitive body and integrating this with the thinking/analytical mind.

Confusion, uncertainty and hesitancy only take place in the mind. In any given circumstance, it is our body that holds a deep 'yes' or deep 'no'. 

Feeling into the body, we can then use the mind to make powerful decisions. 

Embodiment is also the ability to embody (to become) certain principles and archetypes that give us strength, clarity and presence.

Where we encounter aspects of the body-mind that are difficult to access, we find areas of our being that need developing...

More confidence
More expressiveness
More presence
Living OUR truth
Standing taller – physically and metaphorically


Where we reveal parts of the body-mind that we default to too often, we find patterns that may need to be changed...

Reduced anxiety
Reduced tension
Reduced Self-consciousness / Shyness
Reduced anger


Where there are parts of us that we feel resistance in exploring, we find old wounding that wants to be healed...

Reveal the origins of our unwanted patterns of behaviour
Create massive shifts in the way we perceive life and ourselves
Start to give to ourselves now what we never received in our childhood
Begin an irreversible process of growth and healing
Start to live as a gift to the world because we have already given to ourselves


In this way, Embodiment is a complete system of self-development. 

I have been working with the body-mind for over 26 years – since entering the path of the martial arts as a child and then discovering ‘internal’ and meditative practices as a teen. In my early 20's I became involved in practical psychology and now in my 30’s I bring all of these experiences together in my work. I am also a qualified Personal Trainer and hold a Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology.

I have been coaching people for over 10 years, helping them re-wire old patterning, integrate trauma and install new powerful ‘software’.

Using the most effective elements of the martial arts, meditation, qi-gong, yoga, hypnosis, archetypal embodiment and others modalities, I transform lives. I make people powerful, from the inside-out.  

I have had the privilege of receiving Sharif’s teachings and wisdom several times and cannot speak highly enough of him. Knowledgeable, skilled and, crucially, authentic. In a market seemingly full of instructors and coaches, I am so glad I chose Sharif.
— Inarm, Company Director

Through Embodiment work, I help people in areas of their lives such as:

- Assertiveness and Integrity
- Presence
- Trauma Integration
- Boundary-Setting
- Conscious Vulnerability

Relating & Intimacy
- Pattern Identification and Disruption
- Conscious Communication
- Deepening Sex
- Overcoming Sexual Dysfunction
- Attraction