comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity.
"he played with some mastery"
synonyms: proficiency, ability, capability


With the goal of never-ending continuous growth in the three major areas, you can begin to attain mastery of your life. The quality of your life is directly proportionate to the quality of your relationships - particularly your intimate ones. Your relationship to your Self is equally important. Lastly, know that the mind lives in the body. You can't just think yourself into being a stronger man, you have to move like one and BE one.

Reveal the strongest version of yourself that has been hidden and repressed over time

Create values and principles that you can live by and die for

Live a life of meaning and purpose and feel how this pulls people and opportunities to you

Stand-down unwanted defensive layers of the personality that have pushed people away 

Rediscover the real you and make peace with the conditions that caused it to be hidden 


Recreate yourself as a man to be admired and desired in your relationship

Understand your partner's real needs - translate their words and actions into something you can use to create connection

Reach your partner and penetrate through their closure 

Be understood better and avoid having your love questioned 

Resist indulging in your own dis-empowering feelings of hurt, anger, rejection; show up as the strongest version of yourself for your partner

Respond to your partner's upset with courage and wisdom  

Establish clear boundaries for yourself and your partner and experience the healing quality this can have

Know for certain when it is time to leave a relationship


Develop a strong sense of self; a presence that people gravitate to

Bypass the need for lines and tactics in meeting someone

Create a life that a potential partner would want to be part of 

Operate from a 'high status' position that centres around people wanting to be with you and move away from the desperation of 'the chase'

Live in a place of abundance of opportunity, rather than scarcity and need (and avoid the subsequent neediness that others find completely unattractive)

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Learn to live in your body and get out of your head

Own a body with core foundational strength and see how this has a ripple effect to other areas of your life

Control your breathing in order to regulate emotions

Release trapped emotions; remove the 'emotional armour' manifested as chronic tension in specific areas of the body 

Feel like a stronger, more assertive man as you stand taller and carry yourself correctly after postural adjustment


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