I Help Couples and Individuals Just Like You to:

- Fight Less

- Love More

- Take it Deeper

- Grow Together

I was 21. My life was in bits and I was at my first Tony Robbins personal development event in New York, just a couple of months after my mum died and my long-term girlfriend cheated on me (yeah... I know, right?). Tony played a 3 minute clip selling one of his courses. From that one clip, I had a total light-bulb moment. I instantly got a deep understanding of a particular crucial aspect of  intimate relationship dynamics. I could see where I had been going wrong... where everyone had been going wrong.

I spent the next 10 years mastering my understanding and practice of this concept and with it (and many others), I now help others to:


  • Learn the unspoken rules of love that are so crucial they should be taught in schools

  • Strengthen the parts of themselves that have been challenged by the relationship

  • Understand what their partner's real needs are

  • The essential secrets of communicating with an intimate partner

  • Reveal their true potential as a man or woman and help their loved one achieve the same

  • And much more...

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