Where are you based?

Do you offer online coaching?
I use Skype video sessions for international clients or for when meeting in person is difficult. Even though I work a lot with the body, almost all of this can be done though Skype instruction.

Do you offer coaching to women?
To not spread myself too thin and to remain specialized in my field I work almost exclusively with men save for special cases in which the nature of the problem revolves around a male partner. If this is you, you can enquire further. 

Do you work with couples?
Yes. As many of the men who come to me are dealing primarily with relationship issues, there comes a point where it’s time to practice the concepts I have taught. In a couple’s session, he can do this in a controlled environment with my guidance. I will also work with couples to get the partner’s perspective and offer the partner invaluable advice for supporting their man’s efforts. I value couple’s work very highly.

What happens in the initial consultation?
I will primarily be asking questions to get a feel for who I am working with and build a picture of the nature of their problem. I use these as an opportunity to not only learn what the person’s goals and challenges are, but also to gauge their suitability to work with me. 

What happens in a session?
Whatever needs to happen. In the early stages of a working relationship, I’ll do a lot of listening as I gain insight into the roots of the person’s issues. In some cases, the majority of the work we do will continue in this talking-based format where I can use various techniques including guided meditation and hypnotic suggestion. I will assign tasks and exercises to do as ‘homework’ and report back to me the results in our next session. I work a lot with the body and so it is rarely like a typical ‘therapy’ session. As mentioned elsewhere on the site, I will utilize whatever I need to in order to create the necessary changes. 

Where do talking-based sessions take place?
There are a number of venues in the London area I use for this function; counselling/psychotherapy rooms generally. Depending on logistical considerations, I can also work with people in their homes – although in most cases it’s advisable to leave the home environment for this sort of work. Initial consultations are generally done via Skype.

How many sessions will I need?
Predictably, the answer to this question will be different for each individual. However, I haven’t had a client yet who didn’t start to feel better about their situation after the initial consultation. I’ve had clients for whom the consultation was enough and went on to create the desired changes in their life after that one meeting. I’ve also worked with men who required on-going support on their journey to becoming a stronger man.