• Embody The Masculine Principle

  • Get Better at Relationships

  • Become a High-Value Man

Violence. Aggression. Abuse. Environmental destruction. 

In the collective consciousness, the one thing these things seemingly have in common, is men.

The mistake we make then is to vilify masculinity itself and label key masculine traits as ‘toxic’. The result is a deep confliction and confusion in men and widespread disappointment in women as men fail to show up as their truest selves.   

The truth is that masculinity is not the issue. All socially-constructed ideals for how a man (or woman) should be, can be done away with. 

What must be understood, embraced and developed is the essential Masculine Principle – which is not a social construct, but an inherent aspect of the human experience.

My own masculine journey has been one of trying on and shedding mask after mask, until discovering that true masculine identity can never be something that you ‘put on’. It is instead something that we ‘drop into’ and embody – because it was there the whole time. 

My vast experience of trying on so many masculine identities – bread winner, stay-at-home dad, separated dad, business owner, unarmed combat instructor, soldier, bachelor, manager – helps me relate to the wide range of men that who to me to become powerful men. 

When our darker masculine nature is shamed and repressed it festers and then manifests in the monstrous ways that have caused so much damage in the world – and helped to create the ‘toxic’ label that has negatively affected all of us.

I help men step into and embody masculine archetypal energies – including the dark ones. 

By introducing these men to a ‘martial-mindset’, connected to the heart, I turn them into conscious killers, loving warriors and open-hearted badass motherfuckers. 

Together we practice opening our hearts while holding onto our balls.