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Embodiment TEACHER | Masculinity Expert | Writer


I work with all kinds of people, but my current mission is to reshape men’s presence, and the world’s perception of them, into one of integrity, inner-strength, radical honesty and self-ownership.

I lead group-training, give talks, and for select clients, I am available for private Embodiment Coaching.

I also consult companies and corporations as a subject-matter-expert on topics relating to men, masculinity and relationships. 

My writing has been featured in various publications and I am the author of Relationship Samurai – a Man’s Guide to Owning Himself & Mastering His Relationships.

I have always been able to see the unique parts of people that they cannot see in themselves.

Through deliberate questions and careful statements, I open their eyes to what they couldn’t see.

Through the body, I help them become those things.