Own Yourself. Master Your Relationships.

Admit it. As a man, the words ‘love’ and ‘heart’ make you uncomfortable on some level – because you have been made to feel that being concerned with matters of the heart is unmanly. 

In Relationship Samurai, you'll learn that becoming skilful in your intimate relationships is far from ‘soft’ or unmasculine. 

Delivered in the style of a military treatise, the male reader discovers that mastering his relationship with women requires developing and refining the same attributes that make a man effective in war.

Using real Samurai concepts, it's revealed that becoming a man who lives from the heart actually involves him taking hold of his balls. And that the process of becoming successful at relating is the same process that makes him a free man; who is effective in his life and respected and trusted by those around him.

For men who are tired of feeling unappreciated, unseen and out of their depth in their relationship, or with women in general, Relationship Samurai teaches you:

  • How to develop real personal strength, sovereignty and a ‘structural integrity’ that frees you of the need to ‘please’ and the fear of upsetting others

  • Actionable strategies for moments of upset in your relationship that allow you to maintain your personal power

  • Clearly defined ‘Tactical Mistakes’ that men routinely make in their intimate relationships and how to avoid them

  • Daily physical and mental practices for aligning you to your strongest self; so you can carry yourself in a way that commands respect and allows people to feel your intent to serve

  • How to make sense of women and understand how the masculine and feminine principles work in intimacy

  • How to take the lead in your relationship in a way that makes you admired by your woman, and more…