The coaching I have received from Sharif has been hugely beneficial. Since the coaching I have managed to qualify as a Solicitor. He taught me a lot about self confidence, assertiveness and helped me become even more tenacious. These skills are used on a daily basis at work. However the skills are used physically on one occasion I was doing a 24.5mile hike in Yorkshire, I really felt like giving up. I was crouched down, freezing, wet, exhausted and alone. Many of the people I was with had given up. I wouldn't have lost any respect if I had stopped. But I remembered the tenacity exercises Sharif taught. One of which was to remember that your body can always go further than your mind tells you. I got up and I was able to push myself to successfully complete the hike in less than the permitted 12hours.

- Arjun, Solicitor

I've been coached by Sharif for over 2 years now, and right from the first day, it's been a helpful and rewarding experience.
He has a natural aura of calmness around him, which helps me to relax and focus on the task at hand.
He has the rare ability to explain concepts clearly and concisely without complicating things, and injects just enough humour to keep things fun.
He instils self-belief in his clients, and thanks to his encouragement and insightful feedback, I've achieved far more than would have been possible by myself.
Finally, Sharif has great empathy with others, and is genuinely committed to helping them achieve their goals.
It's clear that he gets a lot of satisfaction from seeing people improve and grow.

- Terry, Engineer

Sharif is a lovely person to work with. He knows his stuff and I left our sessions feeling great. I can't recommend him enough. 

- Ameet, Posture Specialist

Sharif has a very positive, energetic, friendly and caring approach to his coaching style and loves nothing more to encourage and support his clients all the way to success.He is a good listener and motivator and has a range of coaching skills that allow him to offer a very bespoke and tailored offering to clients. I would highly recommend his  coaching to anyone.

- Faruk, IT Specialist

To put it bluntly Sharif has helped me to become a stronger, more resilient and capable version of myself. I always struggled with motivation; his coaching has not only had a huge impact but, crucially; has had a lasting effect on all aspects of my life. Its one thing to motivate a person in the heat of a moment, its quite another to change a persons outlook long-term. His approach strikes the right balance of fun and interesting by imparting his vast amounts of knowledge in an engaging, inspirational and memorable way. I couldn’t recommend Sharif more highly. Plus he can, and will... palm strike your head off.

- Dan, Film Maker

I have  been coached by Sharif for over 4 years, both in class and privately.   He is very knowledgeable, and i have always found him to be courteous and highly professional.  i would wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone

- Freddie, Music Dealer

Sharif has been my coach for about five years now. In this time sharif has helped to develop both my mental and physical attributes, and gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between the two. I've found sharif a really straightforward and easy going person to work with and most importantly someone you can trust.

- Calvin, Division Manager

Initially I didn't really know what I was looking for or what Sharif had to offer or that what he does would have a profound impact on me. More than anything Sharif is very accessible, I connect with him well. Someone who listens and get where I'm coming from. There is no judgement which for me is very important. He gives me things to think about. Sometimes it's tiring but I always leave with a smile.

- Hamish, Yoga School Founder, Author

I have been training with Sharif for almost 2 years and he has always been professional, polite and incredibly approachable.  His ability to listen and personalise his training to suit each individual is excellent and I feel he has helped me make a real difference to my training.

- Jeremy, Senior Investment Manager