So maybe my 'hold on to your balls' slogan doesn't quite apply to you...

While my mission still has me working mostly with men, I have found that my work is increasingly placing me in the position of working with women - to the extent that I've felt the need to add this page while this re-shaping takes place.

With women, the work is much the same. Through Embodiment practices, I help people feel into the parts of themselves they cannot access. By using the body-mind as opposed to just the thinking-mind to navigate through life, I help people to:

- Develop a sensitivity into the body
- Rely more on gut feeling and intuition
- Be more authentic in their self-expression
- Access and bring alive the parts of themselves they have been repressing, rejecting/shaming
- Integrate their dark side
- Stand in their truth, even if it 'rocks the boat'
- Strengthen the nervous system to provide a container for intense emotions
- Attract the people and opportunities INTO their life that have eluded them, by shifting what they send OUT into the world

“Sharif’s workshop was freeing! It really allowed me to let my darkness - fear, sadness, anger and whatever else there is - to be expressed without judgement. Just who I was in all I felt was enough. Sharif created a fun, supportive and open space where we all felt able to try something we haven’t in a long time - getting physical AND emotional, like it’s allowed! I highly recommend Sharif’s workshop!”
— Clee
“Hi Sharif, it was great connecting with you at Embody the Knowing event & also reconnecting at LoveX Event very briefly. Your powerful talk has assisted me to look even more deeper within my inner work. Would like to say much gratitudes that our path crossed and your speech has certainly shed incredible light to my journey. Have a wonderful week”
— Julia

The truth is, my work with The Masculine has only been possible through the continuing understanding and feeling for The Feminine. To the extent that I have used Feminine practices myself as part of my own self-discovery.

And so with this exciting new shift, I will now be facilitating workshops for men and women, often co-hosting with a female coach. 

“ I’m in my 40s and for the last 10 years my relationships haven’t been great. When I met Sharif I was recovering from intense 3 months heart pains. Not the chest pain to go to A&E with, but the severe emotional pain from opening my heart to somebody who pierced right through it.
Sharif has created a safe space for me to reflect on and he facilitated me connecting with that pain.
Few months down the line, my heart is healed, my confidence has improved and I’m dating again:)”
— Maya

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