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Check out the article I wrote for the fine people over at YourTango.com! 

I'm a man. And as audacious as it sounds, I'm going to tell you how to be a good woman. Specifically, I'm talking about what it means in an intimate relationship to be a good woman for your man.

I don't offer these opinions based on what I want as a man necessarily, but instead on what I need from a woman. 

I know what I need because I have a good woman. What makes her good isn't that she keeps me happy and always gives me what I want; rather, it's because I've grown stronger and more capable, and feel more fulfilled as a man than in my entire life before we met. And so it's in this article that I "reverse engineer" the special qualities she brings to the relationship and share them with you. 

Perhaps I should have mentioned that when I talk of being "a good woman for your man," I'm assuming that he's a good man. He wants to grow, learn and improve. He doesn't want to hide from his weaknesses and is dedicated to serving those he loves. 

If your man doesn't fit this description, then what I'm going to suggest from here will either turn him into a good man, or send him running back to mommy. Either way, you win...

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