Your Power is Hidden in Your Shadow

  • Do you feel like you are often wearing a different mask in the various aspects of your life?

  • Do you resent moments when you have felt unsafe or unable to fight back?

  • Does expressing your ‘No’ feel scary or wrong for you?

  • Do you fear that there is a part of you that is ‘too much’? Too much for whom?

  • Are you holding-back in most (all?) areas of your life?

About this Workshop

In this special workshop, we’ll remove the masks that hide the warrior and wild woman inside of you and set her free. We’ll unleash her power, your power, in this safe, sacred and private space so that you feel fully alive and powerful in every single aspect of your life.

We do this by guiding you on a journey deep inside of yourself using skilfully crafted practices taken from years of experience in the martial arts and yogic movement, counselling and therapeutic skills, through storytelling, sound, music and imagery, and by tapping into ancient and powerful shamanic ritual.