Your Relationship to The Feminine is Your Relationship to The World

Your relationship to the Feminine is your relationship to the world
— David Deida
📸 By @emmathomsontravels aboard the Scenic Eclipse. Artwork by Hush.

📸 By @emmathomsontravels aboard the Scenic Eclipse. Artwork by Hush.

From the tantric perspective, the Feminine aspect is life, life-force, all 'things' and therefore 'the world'.

How a man relates to women, then, is how he relates to the world. To his world.

Where a man tends to feel enmeshed by women, he feels trapped and stuck in life.

Where he feels nagged, the world feels like a series of endless tasks.

Where he feels told-off, he feels unseen and unwanted by the world.

If he worships women and places them on a pedestal, he lives in the world through the lens of his inner child, constantly reaching for 'her', for mama to rescue him.

If he sees women as inferior, he moves through the world with the chip-on-shoulder arrogance of his inner teenager that never got his needs met.

Where he feels desired by - and a healthy desire for - women, he feels at home in the world. Welcomed, appreciated and naturally wanting to give, to contribute and live true to whatever sense of Purpose the universe has called him to serve.