The Power of Praise in Relationships

This is a short but powerful one! I was reminded of something recently and felt compelled to share.

Praise your partner for little progress. That’s it!

If you are both dedicated to creating a healthy and fulfilling relationship then self-work – either by yourselves or with a coach – will be something you are both actively engaging in. This includes working on those reactions and behaviours you have that are maybe not so helpful in both your quests for happiness.

In this case, whenever your partner has made some progress, praise them. Immediately and at other random moments. Let them know that you see them moving in the right direction. And even better; get into your heart and feel the gratitude. Remind yourself that whenever this person has shown an effort in this area, it is a direct sign that you are loved. Maybe you made a heartfelt request in your relationship and now your partner is making some changes. And they are doing it for you. Feel that, and share that feeling with them. Celebrate progress and encourage more of it.

And men, remember that the feminine is nourished by praise! You cannot give enough genuine praise and getting in touch with feelings of gratitude will strengthen you from within.