womens workshop

A Wild Night

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I was a bit cautious, maybe even a bit nervous, leading up to the Embody the Wild workshop.

But I'm happy to say it went incredibly well (these are only some of the attendees, BTW)



Here's what I learned...

My partner in crime is a frikkin' WELL of wisdom and infinitely sensitive to people's needs. Well, I knew this, but after our first workshop together I really KNOW it, you know?

I would never have held a women's workshop like this alone, but after working with Andrea Balboni I can really FEEL why.

Her insight into the intricate sensitivities in the collective feminine are invaluable.

I learned that there is SOOOO much healing to be done in both men and women.

I learned how much respect is deserved to those women who are brave enough to dare to start to open.

Also, it was a beautiful experience - for me personally - to feel so trusted by women (many of whom had never met me before).

(Here's a little insight into men... trusting them helps to make them trustable... but that's a whole other post...maybe even an article).

And as always with workshops, helping people in their transformational journey is beyond words.