The Real Benefit of Mastering your Relationship

The quality of your life is directly proportionate to the quality of your relationships, says Tony Robbins. And this is especially true of your intimate ones.

Mastering your relationship is not only amazingly rewarding on the level of the relationship itself, but also on the deepest level of you.

Relationship mastery involves being able to keep the passion alive throughout the relationship as if you were a new couple. The truth is, the dying off of that passion and aliveness is not 'just what happens to relationships over time', but a direct sign of the dying off of you and an indication of how far removed from your self you are becoming as you likely both are triggering-off old negative internal scripts and reinforcing them in one another. You become bad for each other, toxic even. We've all seen this before and probably been there ourselves.

Keeping that passion alive then means learning what causes love and openness to be switched off in your partner, and knowing (and more importantly being able to) switch it all back on. More than just learning to translate your partner's words and actions to understand their real needs, this will almost certainly involve identifying and healing your own triggers; understanding what it is that causes you to close down or blow up. And this is where the real benefits of relationship mastery lie.

To heal a relationship, you will very likely have to heal yourself. To increase love in the relationship, you'll have to develop strong self-love. To open up your partner, you'll definitely have to open yourself.

And the benefits of this self-work are almost impossible to put into words. It's in this light that real self-development takes place. And hence why I feel that being in a relationship, and making it alive and healthy is possibly the ultimate path to fulfilment in life. And you will still have your personal mission in life as a man, but living it through a relationship amplifies it's power.