These pictures will never be able to truly convey what happened in that space yesterday.

The incense. The drums. The slight scent of fear in the room as the men were brought in to be initiated.

7 men, all in black. We moved and breathed as one in a combat ritual. Our masks removed through ceremony and replaced with war paint - helping us drop into the Warrior archetype one movement at a time.

By the end, these men were no longer computer programmers, lecturers, CEO's. No longer nice. No longer gentle. No longer accommodating.

They were something that most people are completely terrified of.

And rightly so.

And through a special process, they then stepped back into themselves. Returning to their normal lives. But not quite the same, having experienced a part of themselves the world has wanted to suppress in them their whole lives.

One man at a time, it is my mission to bring into the world men who can keep their hearts open while holding on to their balls.