27th January Workshop with Sharif & Andrea

How many times in your life have you felt truly seen?

To be ‘seen’ means to feel that you have been heard, listened to, and deeply understood.

What if, the secret to feeling seen more often, lies not in other people’s ability to see us, but in our ability to let ourselves be seen and to see ourselves?


Do you feel like your voice gets lost or evaporates at the moments when you most want to be heard?

That your opinion doesn’t really matter or make a difference to the person in front of you?

That no one’s really listening? That no one really cares?

You feel more and more alone in the world.

No matter how hard you try to make yourself known, you feel ignored. Or worse yet, invisible?

So you stop trying.

Your voice goes quiet.

You work more on disappearing, and you get pretty good at it.

You stop dating. You forget how to flirt or what it feels like to be flirtatious.

You show only the parts of you that you feel like might matter to the other but don’t really matter so much to you.

And hide away the parts of you that make you unique. That might make you stand out.

And you begin to wonder if you might not be rather boring. Or perhaps just not special?

Very often, the reason we do not feel seen is because we are not showing who we really are. We are looking out through a mask, but we have an unspoken expectation to be seen through that mask.

We are born into the world not knowing who we are, and therefore we look to our primary caregivers to reflect back to us who and what we are; where our boundaries and edges lie, what part of us it is that reflects our uniqueness.

The chances of any of us having these things reflected back to us by our caregivers in the way that was exactly the way we needed it is slim! In fact, the sad truth is that our parents’ were most likely particularly bad at doing this, given that they too were not seen fully by their own mum or dad. And so the expectation that our primary caregivers would get this perfectly right is a mistaken one. And it is potentially damaging for us and all of our relationships.

And so, often, because we don’t have a strong sense of our inner world, we seek to be seen on the surface only; our attractiveness, our achievements, our skilfulness, our wealth. We eventually find, though, that being seen and acknowledged for these things doesn’t quite hit the spot. This is because where we really need to feel seen is on a far deeper level.

The truth is...

We must learn how to REQUEST to be seen

We must learn how to ALLOW the real us to be seen

We must learn how to VALUE the parts of us that want to be seen

We must in turn learn how to SEE others and ourselves

We can learn techniques to allow us to be able to be seen fully for exactly who we are and to feel powerful, protected and safe whilst doing so.

We can reprogram our body and rewire our brain so being seen becomes a natural way of being.

Empower ourselves to love and be loved for exactly who we are.

By coming to this workshop, you will start to...

- Find your power through the breath + breathing exercises, and embodiment practices to help you become grounded, centred and steady in heart and mind

- Learn how to stay steady and connected during challenging conversations

- Experience empowered vulnerability – revealing where you ‘need’ something and asking for help without playing the victim

- Develop deep listening skills + learn how to have intimate conversations comfortably

- Communicate from a place of strength and connection

- Immediately start to embody a new way of being

- Learn to open yourself to the other through body practices

- Learn take-home practices such as the art of positive self-talk + affirmations so that you can be your own best cheerleader

- Train and conditioning the mind to see the potential in others so that their true nature can come forth

- Discover your greatest gifts and learn how to bring that out in communication and connection with others

- Learn to value what you have to give and what you are by simply being

- Learn to be fierce and fearless in insistent honesty

- Work with boundaries - know when to walk away / in the moment / and from the relationship

- Feel the importance of having the right ‘tribe' based on people who see you and value you

Some of our methods:

- Partnered exercises in a safe environment give you the chance to practice what you learn

- Practice breathing techniques to learn how to stay with difficult emotions

- Powerful visualisation exercises to redesign our relationship blueprints

- Essential Embodiment practices - changing the mind and emotions through the physical